Cognitive Neuroscience – Outlook on Special Populations


Valentina Parma
Marilena Aiello

This year Marilena Aiello and Valentina Parma will hold a course entitled Cognitive Neuroscience – Outlook on Special Populations. Such course has been thought to provide a perspective on how typical and atypical brains work and provide experimental evidence to assess these issues.

The course is divided in two modules:

Module 1: Neurodevelopment, held by Valentina

Module 2: Neuropsychology, held by Marilena

The Neurodevelopment module will focus on perceptual and motor development starting from fetal life and extending to typical and atypical development, with specific reference to olfactory perception and autism spectrum disorder.

The aim of the Neuropsychology module will be to show how the investigation of people with impairments of cognition may help to learn more about normal cognitive processes and their neural signatures. It will focus in particular on Spatial Neglect, Parkinson’s disease and Dementias.

The course will be mainly constituted by frontal lectures and discussions of relevant literature. The course is compulsory for first-year students, who are required to pass the course.

The course will be evaluated based on a short essay and is mandatory for 1st year PhD students.

Please check the calendar for dates and location.