Introduction to Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

Instructor: Selina Christin Wriessnegger, Institute of Neural Engineering | Laboratory of Brain-Computer Interfaces | Graz University of Technology, Austria

A BCI (Brain Computer Interface) is a system that enables communication without movement. People can communicate or control devices via thought alone. The course will give an overview of the principles, methods and applications of current BCI systems. After an introduction of the used brain signals and methods, different applications for patients and also for healthy users will be described. Especially, more recent applications of BCIs for healthy users (e.g. Neurotutor, brain state detection) will be introduced.

Plan of the lectures

Lecture 1: Introduction to BCI

Lecture 2: Brain Signals used for BCIs

Lecture 3: Hybrid BCIs

Lecture 4: Applications of BCIs for patients and healthy users