The teaching offer in the Cognitive Neuroscience PhD at SISSA consists of theoretical and methodological courses. The former are taught by our Faculty, and cover advanced topics in the fields that are investigated in the group (tactile, visual and time perception, language and reading, social and food neuroscience, inference and neural computation). The latter are taught by our Faculty, external experts and, occasionally, postdocs in the group; and are designed to introduce the students to the tools that they may use during their PhD (e.g. coding, information theory, TMS, fMRI, eye tracking, EEG, and scientific writing). 

The courses are primarily directed to 1st year students, who must obtain a passing grade in all the theoretical exams, and in the coding and scientific writing courses. Senior students are also more than welcome to attend any of the courses, and take part into the exams if they wish so. The TMS, fMRI, eye tracking and EEG courses will all start with a couple of introductory meetings, which are designed the illustrate the main features of the tool at hand, so that everyone can decide whether they’re interested in attending the remaining classes. These courses are typically taught in alternate years (e.g., if EEG is taught in 2018, it will be taught again in 2020). 

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