Who's Who

Davide Zoccolan is the Coordinator of the PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at SISSA. He supervises all activities in the program. He is directly responsible for linking with the School managers, convening the PhD Board, managing the PhD funds, and overseeing the website maintenance. You can find him in Room 440, by phone at 040 3787 701, or via e-mail at zoccolan@sissa.it.

Davide Crepaldi is the Deputy PhD Coordinator, and assists the Coordinator in all his functions, especially in the management of the website. You can find him in Room 340, by phone at 040 3787 611, or via e-mail at davide.crepaldi@sissa.it.

Domenica Bueti is the Infrastructure and Outreach Coordinator. She oversees outreach events for the PhD, promotes it outside SISSA, and ensures appropriate diffusion of the relevant information both locally and internationally. She also maintains a list of available research infrastructures, and oversees office space. You can find her in Room 239, by phone at 040 3787 610, or via e-mail at bueti@sissa.it.

Mathew Diamond is the Teaching Coordinator. He oversees the course schedule, interacts with external teachers, and coordinates the teaching offer by the Faculty and the Postdocs. You can find him in Room 238, by phone at 040 3787 236, or via e-mail at mathew.diamond@sissa.it.

Riccardo Iancer is the head of the Students' Secreteriat. With his team, he is in charge of the admission procedures of PhD students and of any administrative issue during their academic career. The office deals also with all the administrative aspects of undegraudate, postgraduate and master fellows. You can find Riccardo in Room 222, or by phone at 040 3787 452. His team can be contacted via e-mail at phd@sissa.it.

Lorena Bencina is the head of the Neuroscience Area Secreteriat. With her team, she is in charge of assisting the Area administrative bodies, managing research funds (including purchases, lab maintenance, and travels), assisting in the organization of congresses/meetings, booking rooms, and assisting with safety procedures. You can find her in Room 110, or by phone at 040 3787 437, or via email at lorena.bencina@sissa.it.

Alessio Isaja is the Technical Assistant for the PhD. He is in charge of assistance with any IT/computer problem and with experiment setups. You can find him in Room 319, by phone at 040 3787 608, or via e-mail at isaja@sissa.it. Marco Zanon is a Research Associate, who assists the research groups in the planning of their experiments and oversees activity in the human cognition lab. You can find him in Room 233, or via e-mail at mzanon@sissa.it.

Yukti Chopra is the PhD webmaster. She is in charge of the maintenance of the PhD calendars and website. You can contact her via e-mail at cnswebadmin@sissa.it.

Francesca Belloti is the PhD student representative. You can find her in Room 242, or via e-mail at fbelloti@sissa.it.

Aline Viol is the Journal Club (JC) Coordinator. You can find him in Room 235 or via e-mail at aviolbar@sissa.it.

Irene Togoli is the Postdoc Seminar Series (PSS) Coordinator. You can find her in Room 242, by phone at 040 3787 619, or via e-mail at  itogoli@sissa.it.