Anindita Basu

I joined SISSA in 2022 as a graduate student under Cognitive Neuroscience department. I am currently trying to understand how different cognitive interventions can alter our first person human experience. I am specifically interested to theoretically model higher cognitive phenomena like mind-wandering/mindfulness, perception of self, and memory retrieval dynamics. Other than that, I enjoy traveling, dancing, reading, painting/sculpting, and listening to music.

Francesca Iris Bellotti

Francesca is a Ph.D. student in the Time Perception Lab since 2020, under the supervision of Domenica Bueti. Her research interest focuses on the brain mechanisms for temporal encoding, and she is specialising in EEG and TMS techniques. Francesca has a background in Philosophy, Cognitive Science and Neuropsychology.

Nadia Marie Bersier

Nadia joined SISSA in 2020 and is working with Raffaella Rumiati.

Riccardo Caramellino

Riccardo joined SISSA in 2018 and is working with Davide Zoccolan.

Yukti Chopra

Yukti joined SISSA in 2020 and is working with Mathew Diamond.

Irmak Ergin

After obtaining a BA in psychology, I started the MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience program at CIMeC, University of Trento and joined SISSA in 2022 within the UniTrento-SISSA Program. As an intern, I am working with Prof. Crepaldi in the Language, Learning and Reading Lab.

Judit Fiedler

Judit joined SISSA in 2020 and is working with Alessandro Treves.

Davide Giana

Davide joined SISSA in 2019 and is working with Mathew Diamond.

Dunia Giomo

joined Time Perception Lab in 2017, before as pre-doc student and later as a PhD student. I am working under the supervision of Professor Domenica Bueti. I am interested in how the brain represents temporal sequences.


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