Human Labs

The human neuroscience laboratories located at the SISSA use a variety of methods to investigate human cognition. In this page you will find all the relevant information about how to navigate through the laboratories.

The laboratories available at the SISSA are shown in the map and the table below, and can be easily booked following the link to the booking system. The consumables available in each lab are listed in a database, which can be easily assessed by clicking the corresponding lins. Furthermore an online form allows lab users to notify when they finish a consumable in use (e.g., an EEG gel tube or a pack of disposable electrodes) and replace it with a new one from the store.

Product manuals and operating guidelines can be downloaded from a dedicated page, whereas a handbook (soon to be added) will provide the users with a guide about how to concretely handle the equipment and the labs. In addition, a methods section (soon to be added) will provide helpful information about the cognitive neuroscience methods available in our laboratories, such as (a) what neural signals are measured and how to measure them, (b) how to create and optimize experimental designs, (c) the main analyses used in cognitive neuroscience, and (d) what sort of inferences can be drawn from the each technique. This section is meant to help students understand what kind of questions can be addressed by each of these techniques. 

A final word about the laboratories: if you encounter any problems please report them as soon as possible to Marco Zanon (, room 233). 

Room Equipment/Lab CNS Booking System
343 TMS 1
EyeTracking 1
344 Behavioral booths 1-4
Eye Tracking 2
Room 344
345 EEG 128Ch EEG128
346 TMS 2 
TDCS (*)
347 Olfactometer 
Cognitive tests (*)

348 EEG 128Ch (*)
Neuronavigation radiofrequency
Behavioral booth 5
244 Behavioral booth 6 Bhv6
246 EEG Baby 32Ch EEG32
247 Jolly  
248 (Ext Rooms) Behavioral Soundproof booths 1-3 Room 248
Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital (UD)  3T MRI MRI§

(*) Instruments with this symbol require you to book a room too.

(§) The Fridays and Saturdays MRI sessions need to be booked by Thursday midday. The Mondays MRI session needs to be booked by Friday midday.  

1. Any accidental finding observed during an MRI experiment must be notified to the emergency neuroradiologist. 

2. In order to give enough lab time to everyone, labs cannot be booked for more than 50% of the week by the same user.