Language, Reading and the Brain


Davide Crepaldi

Amount of frontal teaching: 

~15 hours



The course offers an introduction to how the brain deals with language and reading. It does so by focusing on the relationship between form and meaning. We will explore experimental and computational evidence at the intersection between Linguistics, Cognitive Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology, to discover that language is a peculiar symbolic system, where fundamental randomness is constrained by the learning capability of the brain, and by the dynamics of human social interactions.

The course is mandatory for 1st year students in the SISSA Cognitive Neuroscience PhD, and for the SISSA-Trento Master Students who have included this course in their "piano di studi". Students will be evaluated based (i) on their participation during classes, (ii) on presentations that they will be asked to give during the course, and (iii) on a little final exam, which will be taken remotely. Non-curricular students are most welcome, but please email the teacher here before showing up at classes.

Material for the course will be posted here.