Felicia Sangermano

I have been in SISSA since May 2022.
After my PhD in Industrial Biotechnology, I started this new adventure in the field of visual neuroscience, and now I work in Professor Davide Zoccolan's group.

Lorenzo Vignali

Lorenzo's main interests are language, visual spatial attention and cognitive neuroscience of blindness. During his PhD at the University of Salzburg, he worked with different neurocognitive methods to investigate neural underpinnings of visual word recognition. Currently, he is part of a joint project between SISSA and the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC). In this research project he studies conscious and unconscious semantic processing in sighted and blind people.

Aline Viol

Aline Viol is a physicist with expertise in complex systems and computational neuroscience.

She is interested in decoding and modeling higher cognitive functions by combining approaches ranging from complex brain networks to natural language processing.
She joined SISSA in 2020 as a postdoctoral researcher at LIMBO to work on the mind-wandering project.

Yangwen Xu

Yangwen’s interest is to investigate how does the brain, as an electrical and biological machine, construct and manipulate concepts/thoughts. As a member in the joint project between SISSA and CIMeC, he is trying to unravel the spatiotemporal neural basis underlying linguistic versus perceptual aspects of semantic processing.


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