Jaroslaw Lelonkiewicz

Jaroslaw is an experimental psychologist working at Davide Crepaldi's L2R lab. He is interested in the mechanisms governing language comprehension and production. In L2R lab, he investigates statistical learning  - he uses data-mining and massive behavioural experiments to identify and then test the learning-critical features of language. Besides statistical learning, he explores the role of imitation and prediction in language processing.

Nader Nikbakht Nasrabadi

Nader Nikbakht is a postdoctoral research fellow in Mathew Diamond's Tactile perception and learning lab. He is interested in understanding the principles of brain function underlying animal cognition and behavior. His experiments focus on understanding neuronal circuit computations involved in multisensory information processing and decision making. Taking advantage of various tools and techniques in systems neuroscience he approaches the problem by combining theories of statistical computations with behavioral surveys of perceptual decision making and extracellular electrophysiology in rats.

Brent Parsons

Brent Parsons is a post-doctoral fellow in Domenica Bueti's Time Perception Lab. His research investigates how temporal dynamics in the world and in the brain influence perception and action.

Luciano Paz

Luciano Paz is currently a Postdoc in Mathew Diamond's Tactile Perception and Learning Lab. He is interested in studying how neural dynamics give rise to behavior and cognition. In particular, he studies computational models of neural activity related to perceptual decision making and temporal processing.

Foteini Protopapa

In an attempt to demystify how our minds create time and specifically how we make temporal judgments, Foteini works at Domenica’s Bueti Time Perception Lab. As a math-neuroscientist, her aim is to gain more insight by incorporating state-of-the-art techniques, which range from signal to complex network analysis and from multi-scale modeling and nonlinear dynamics to machine learning.

Sebastian Reinartz

Sebastian Reinartz  is a postdoctoral research fellow in Mathew Diamond's Tactile Perception and Learning Lab. He is interested in characterizing the neuronal mechanisms underlying the perception of vibratory, stochastic tactile stimuli and then modulating the percept through optogenetics. Therefore, he established the optogenetic methodology for behavioral experiments.

Sophie Rosay

Sophie's current work is on spatial memory. She is studying neural network models for the hippocampal region (place cells and grid cells). She is more broadly interested in the relationship between neuroscience problems and statistical mechanics.

Yamil Vidal Dos Santos

Yamil is a postdoc working at Davide Crepaldi's lab. During his PhD, he used EEG and pupillometry to study how the brain generates predictions in auditory speech processing. His current work extends this predictive coding perspective to the study of reading.


Lorenzo Vignali

Lorenzo's main interests are language, visual spatial attention and cognitive neuroscience of blindness. During his PhD at the University of Salzburg, he worked with different neurocognitive methods to investigate neural underpinnings of visual word recognition. Currently, he is part of a joint project between SISSA and the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC). In this research project he studies conscious and unconscious semantic processing in sighted and blind people.

Yangwen Xu

Yangwen’s interest is to investigate how does the brain, as an electrical and biological machine, construct and manipulate concepts/thoughts. As a member in the joint project between SISSA and CIMeC, he is trying to unravel the spatiotemporal neural basis underlying linguistic versus perceptual aspects of semantic processing.


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