Statistical learning and its applications to biomedicine


Monday, 13 February, 2017 - 14:00 to 16:00

On Monday, February 13 at 14:00 in room 128, Dr. Toni Giorgino will be giving a seminar titled "Statistical learning and its applications to biomedicine".

Abstract: Statistical learning methods encode data extracted from noisy domains (e.g., observations of the real world) into models, thus condensing  information and enabling predictions.  Data-driven model development (machine learning) is extensively used in the fields that attempt to understand underlying processes, forecast future events, or plan decisions in presence of noisy data. The seminar will provide an overview of several classes of methods rooted in statistics and artificial intelligence, and how they are used in biomedicine; it will present examples of applications in domains as diverse as time series classification, genotype-based risk prediction in oncology, and in-silico protein-drug interaction studies.