TEX2018 M-GATE School: Under the Surface of Memory Phenomena


Monday, 25 June, 2018 - 09:00 to Tuesday, 3 July, 2018 - 18:00

TEX2018 hosts the summer school Under the Surface of Memory Phenomena, the first activity of the Innovative Training Network M-GATE - Memory Research: Ground-breaking, Applied and Technological Exchanges. The idea is to introduce and discuss foundational concepts in memory research, in particular as it relates to the temporal lobes, from human to rodents, from the behavioral to the single-unit level, leading to theory and to computational and mathematical models.

The lecturers include Tim Shallice, Faraneh Vargha-Khadem, Edmund Rolls, Sheena Josselyn, Steffen Gais, Lisa Genzel, Paul Frankland, Liset M De La Prida, Karim Benchenane, Elisa Ciaramelli, Emilio Kropff, Freyja Olafsdottir, Christophe Bernard, Francesco P Battaglia.

TEX2018 will be held between 25 June and 3 July 2018. 

More information on the website of the school