Trieste Encounters on Cognitive Science (TEX2016)


Thursday, 7 July, 2016 - 09:00 to 11:00

The Trieste Encounters on Cognitive Science (TEX) are a yearly summer initiative by SISSA, aiming at bringing together scientists from all over the world at all levels of their careers to enjoy science, sunshine, food&wine and, ultimately, life. 

This year edition will focus on language learning construed broadly enough to include the progressive mastering of: (i) a mother tongue as a child; (ii) a second or artificial language as an adult; and (iii) specific cognitive mechanisms for facing language input more efficiently (e.g., chunking), as in artificial networks. We strive to put together different perspectives -- neuroscience, linguistic theory, cognitive psychology and computational modelling -- so as to promote the cross–breeding that language science desperately needs. We are also trying to open up our perspectives and look for ideas/concepts/data coming from outside language, which still may point to general learning mechanisms that may also apply to some linguistic phenomena.

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