Upcoming PhD defense


Friday, 13 December, 2019 - 10:00

We are pleased to announce the PhD thesis defense of Alessandro Toso. Two of his external reviewers, Jaime de la Rocha and Ayelet Landau, have generously agreed to give talks, making December 13 a densely packed day. The schedule is below.

Friday, December 13:

Alessandro Toso, PhD candidate in Cognitive Neuroscience with Mathew Diamond:
“Perception of the intensity and duration of a stimulus within a unified framework”
at 10.00 in room 005
Jaime de la Rocha
Group Leader at IDIBAPS
“The dynamics of evidence accumulation in expectation-guided perceptual decisions”
at 14.30 in room 004

Ayelet Landau
Departments of Cognitive Sciences and Psychology
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
"Rhythmic sampling governs both spatial and feature based selection"
 at 16.00 in room 004